How do I maintain your flooring

We carry all the maintenance and repair products for our floors.

General cleaning is by vacuuming or dusting with a micro fiber mop.

Spills can be mopped up and green rated cleaners can be used to clean the floor if needed.

Over saturating hygroscopic timber based flooring during cleaning is not recommended as large amounts of water spread over the floor and left will make the flooring expand to rapidly.

We recommend the BONA floor cleaners and especially their trigger mops, STEAM MOPS CAN ONLY BE USED ON CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN TILED FLOORS! 

What clauses under the building code cover flooring

The clauses in the New Zealand building code that cover flooring are;

E3 for wet areas, commercial and domestic

D1 for stairs and access ways, commercial and domestic

G1 for hygiene, commercial flooring

Domestic flooring should not be used in commercial situations and in some cases would breach the building code under the above clauses

Manufacturers grade their flooring; commercial light or heavy and domestic light or heavy to make sure that domestic rated product isn't used in commercial sites 

For a flooring to be usable in a domestic wet area it must be rated for wet areas by the manufacturer and comply with E3/AS1 of the building code.

Commercial sites require flooring specific to the activity carried out by the business